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East Oak Street – Round 2

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Firefighters returned to 323 E. Oak Street early Monday morning for another fire.  On October 20th at 03:30, an all-call was struck for the dwelling that was on fire just one week earlier.  This time Millville Police were on location reporting heavy fire showing.  Arriving right behind Engine 34,  Acting Chief Lippincott immediately called for a second alarm bringing the off duty career staff, Stations 2, 29, 87, OEM, and Salvation Army to the scene and Station 13 to cover the city.  Once again, the Station 30 firefighters and Officers thank all who came out to help.

Photos by Dale Wettstein

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photos by The Daily Journal635494029919360024-Fire-at-323-E.-Oak-Street 635494029942210024-Fire-at-323-E.-Oak-Street-2 635494029956510024-Fire-at-323-E.-Oak-Street-4 635494029958510024-Fire-at-323-E.-Oak-Street-6 635494029971960024-Fire-at-323-E.-Oak-Street-3 635494029971960024-Fire-at-323-E.-Oak-Street-5