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Line of Duty Deaths are an unfortunate part of the firefighter service.

In rare instances, things can go wrong and sadly, lives are lost.

This section lists those members of the Millville Fire Department who have bravely given their lives for their community while acting in the line of duty.

  • 1/20/1952 Tom Corson had responded to a chimney fire on the first truck along with Jack Fisher and the driver. Tom and Jack got the ladder up at the scene and the crew of the second truck put out the fire. After returning to the fire house and going home, Tom died from a heart attack.
  • 3/21/1940 Harry (Tabby) Cossaboon was driving the Seagrave Ladder to a fire with Max Wallen riding shotgun. Tabby started to feel ill, he pulled over and Max took over driving. After arriving at the fire scene Tabby felt better and took over the pump panel. He died of a heart attack a few minutes later.
  • 8/24/1927 James Downs was the first on record to die in the line of duty. He was a charter member of the Department and was seventy-five years old. He lived on N. 2nd street and was responding to an alarm when he tried to hale down a car to hitch a ride to the fire hall. He stepped into the path of the car and it could not stop fast enough and struck him. He died as a result of the collision.
  • 5/6/1987 Jack Durfee, after returning from a house fire he became ill and was taken to the hospital and died that night of a heart attack.
  • 12/16/1961 Grover Young was on a rescue call during the day where a man was trapped in a hole when the sides caved in. The firemen dug the man out with their bare hands. Later the same day the department responded to a house fire on South Delsea Drive where Grover died of a heart attack while manning a hose line.

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